Vancouver Fashion Week SS15 - Masquerade

You've heard a lot about Masquerade and Vancouver Fashion Week already but you can't rightfully go on the journey with me and not get to see the final runway product, right?

All the unbearably gorgeous outfits and accessories (masks, feather collars, cage skirts, everything) were designed and constructed by Nikki of Dark Knits Boutique.  All exclusive makeup looks were designed by me for my company VampireNomad Palette.

Mia modeling the Raven look.

Matthew in the Yin look.

Tanya in the the Flower look.

Courtnee modeling the Chandelier look.

Hannah in our Stag look.  (Check out the hooves - designed by Nikki and beautifully mastered by Hannah.)

Peyton in the Peppermint ensemble.

Kelsey modeling the Water look.

Therese strutting in the Yang look.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I wouldn't know because I'm not built for anything smaller than a city and kids aren't my thing at all.  I do know that Masquerade and the VFW runway show were the result of nearly a year of hard work for Nikki and I - hard work that may never have come to ultimate fruition without the support of a village of friends and family.  I'm not going to try to list everybody I owe a debt of gratitude to because if I forgot a name I'd feel wretched.  But know this: you're all rockstars in my world for being behind this every step of the way.  Thank you to every single one of you who loaned me your pretty face or texted support or brought a coffee or loaned an ear or posed for a photo or contributed talent or time or encouragement.

But most especially thank you to Nikki without whom none of this would ever have happened.  Your talent, ability, imagination, ambition, and friendship mean the world to me, girl!  You make gorgeous things and I'm honored to work with you.  Here's to us and never giving up!


- Corinne Simpson