Friday Friday Friday: So nice I said it thrice

Yippee hooray it's Friday today!

I'm dedicating this Friday post to Fun Things To Check Out Tomorrow and Awesome Things You Need To Read.  (And to the ramen noodles of titling: just add caps.)

Anyway, I'm the webmistress and I can do what I want.

Fun Things To Check Out Tomorrow:

Ooh la la, fancy panelists!  Look at us, all public-speaky and everything!

Yes, our Edmonton Expo panel is upon us!  Don't be shy.  Come meet Nikki and I on Saturday when we appear before you, in the flesh, dressed to the nines, to talk about a few of our favorite things.  Yes!  Cosplay and makeup!  Yes!  Corsets!  Yes!  Raindrops on roses! 

And where we will also unveil pre-ordering for our new book, Creation of a Cosplay.  Nikki of Dark Knits Boutique and I (of this site and VampireNomad Palette) co-authored a book about cosplay.  Want a peek at the cover?  Fine, twist my arm.

Soon this will be attached to an actual book co-authored by Nikki and myself.  Yes!  BOOK!

Shortly I will reveal where to go to order one of these delicious hardcover creations for yourself.  Inside will be words.  (WORDS!!  Delightful.)  And photos.  (PHOTOS!! Divine.)  And information and custom-made outfits and creatures and secrets and wonder.  If you already know you want one, just holler out in the comments. I'll holler back with pertinent info.



As webmistress and trustworthy vampire, I wish to take this opportunity to direct you to two posts by my fabulous site colleagues.  If you already read these, you get a cookie.  (The Dark Side has them, you know.) If you haven't read them, this is your chance to not get dipped in carbonite and sold to Jabba as a wall hanging. 

First, Cosplay and Co-opting Cons, a Laserium by the one and only Nathan Waddell.  It just posted yesterday but there's no time like the RIGHT NOW to scroll back and read it.  It is relevant to everything I talked about above.  Nikki and I are obviously huge supporters (and participators) in cosplay and Nathan wrote a very pertinent article on that subject in response to a post that's been making the rounds lately.  Who are conventions for?  Why, the attendees.  Go read his words, you won't regret it.  (Handy link provided in the title of the piece for the lazy or scroll-averse.)

Second, the Pick of the Week from August 25th by the inimitable Alan Decker.  Alan has introduced me to a great many utterly wonderful things throughout our decades-long friendship and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is one of those things.  I was hooked when he showed me the Train Short which he smartly links to in his write-up.  And which I won't link to here because the whole point is for you to read his words and take it from him, not me. 

I'm surrounded by crazily talented friends, you guys!  It's enough to give a girl the vapors.  Bring me smelling salts!  And Nick Stokes to recline upon!

Thus concludes your Friday Friday Friday post. 

Will she ever write another story?  Will the shameless self-promotion ever stop? 

Find out next week when the VampireNomad composes something original.

Same Vamp-time.

Same Vamp-channel.


- Corinne Simpson