Nathan's Laserium: The Secret Origin of Owie Badguy

The Secret Origin of Owie Badguy

Last week I mentioned that my daughter Pallas had made up her own superhero. Looking up in my archives I see she did that nearly two years ago, at the age of 3. I think when I was 3 I kind of knew that my name was Nathan maybe. Here is the original story of Owie Badguy's
Secret Origin, from October 3, 2012:

Pallas told me she had a new name for a good guy.
"Yeah? What is it?"
"Owie Badguy."
"Oh, so, he's a bad guy?"
"No, he's a good guy. He makes bad guys say owie."
"Oh, I see. By punching them in the face?"
"Well that's the best superhero I ever heard of."

She tells me his costume is supposed to be blue, with a brown mask, and pink wings. I took some artistic licence and decided to omit the wings. When you're as awesome as Owie Badguy is, being able to fly is just getting greedy.

Here is a commission I got from an artist friend of mine, whose deviantart page can be found here:

And here is me dressed up as Owie for Halloween:

And of course every great superhero needs a Rogue's Gallery of villains and nemeses and pains-in-the-asses. These are Owie's:

1. Stinknut the No.  Low level mob thug, probably an enforcer, utterly without mercy. Even when victims plead for their lives, her answer is always no. This is inspired by my daughter Naia whose nickname is The Peanut. Sometimes though we call her stinknut. And her favorite word is no. She even says it in varying tones of voice while sleeping. Stinknut the No, yo!

2. The Terrible Two. Surely this has been done? Well, if not- Super powered twins, with some sort of superpowers. You know. There's two of them.

3. Snot Dragon. As parents we learned that children quickly become snot dragons when they're sick. Anyways Snot Dragon would be a mystical martial artist who summons dragons who spew snot rather than fire.

4. Pallmall. Pallas was calling herself that for a while, though it evolved to Powmom or some thing later on. Anyways Pallmall would be your Joker-like psycho who just likes chaos for its own sake.

5. Trum. Your basic rampaging monster with rage issues and utterly without the ability to be reasoned with. Owie Badguy's very own hulkish analogue. Derived from tantrum, of course.

6. Night Knight. His goal in life is for the whole world to say good night. Permanently! And his favorite book is Goodnight Moon. Owie Badguy fights N.K well past the point of exhaustion,
seemingly every. single . night.

7. She-Rex. You know how Batman has that T-rex in his Batcave? Do you know why? No, really, do you know? Because I have no idea. She-Rex is a T-rex, no wait some sort of were-tyrannosaur where she is really... no wait she is a robot no wait, anyways, she's a dinosaur who is either a girl or a girl dinosaur. I didn't come up with her, Naia did, and her
actual character description is a little vague because of it. But what a great name!

8. Hohoho. Pallas used to think Santa's name was Hohoho so I thought an evil Santa-ish character with that name would be kind of cool.

9. Bastroyer. Marvel has Galactus. DC has the Anti-Monitor. But even they must bow to . . . Bastroyer! Your basic giant planet-killer. Owie Badguy would still punch him in the face though.

10. Owie Goodguy. Obviously, Owie Badguy's evil clone.


- Nathan Waddell