Let's Talk Movies: Scheduled 2015 Releases to Whet Your Appetite

2015 is upon us like an eager puppy. Doubtless this year will bring a lot of wonderful things, and some of those things will be films. Because I love you I have compiled a list of six films scheduled for release at non-conflicting times throughout this year. There's something for everyone in this list: wit, drama, period costumes, comedy, Tom Hardy, action, adventure, water, dust, vampires...  So come on, let's get excited for these films now, together.

Child 44
Who: Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman directed by Daniel Espinosa
When: April 2015
Why: Tom Hardy, people. I would gladly watch that man read recipes. Also Gary Oldman. With those two onscreen, it could have no script and no set and it would still be a movie to be reckoned with. This is also my way of saying I really have no idea what this movie is about (except war and uniforms) and it doesn’t matter because, as with Lawless, I will be in a theatre on opening weekend regardless. If it ends up just being Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman reading the phone book sexily to each other, I will still consider that money well spent.

Hateful 8
Who: Samuel L. Jackson, Walton Goggins, Tim Roth, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt Russell and more directed by Quentin Tarantino
When: Fall 2015
Why: Quentin Tarantino. Look, either you love Tarantino or you don’t so that’s all you actually need to know. He’s divisive that way. If you’re a fan (and I enthusiastically am) then you know the man has a singular way with dialogue, pop culture, vicious action, and casting. Thus all you ever need to know is that Tarantino is making a new film. Hurrah!

Mad Max: Fury Road
Who: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and more directed by George Miller
When: May 2015
Why: Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy. The trailer is a thing of irrational glory and beauty, comprised almost exclusively of Hardy’s lips, brooding, dust, and explosions. Lips, cars, explosions. I am sold. I am hungry for this. Also, not for nothing, George Miller directed the original Mad Max films, they’re his babies, and he’s back. This will be fantastically bombastic.

In the Heart of the Sea
Who: Chris Hemsworth (or Hemsworth the Greater), Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw, Michelle Fairley, and Brendan Gleeson directed by Ron Howard
When: March 2015
Why: First, in case you’re wondering, there is a Tom Hardy connection here: his wife Charlotte Riley is part of the cast. But this movie is indirectly about Moby Dick. It isn’t a film version of Moby Dick, it’s based instead on the actual 1820 event that spawned Moby Dick. The trailer suggests it will be epic and rather tragically majestic. I wasn’t sold until I watched the trailer and after that... it’s hard to argue with those visuals. If you haven’t read Moby Dick, congratulations, that’s normal. But you should be aware of its cultural significance. So see this movie and then watch Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard quote Moby Dick in Star Trek: First Contact. Then have a long debate about the ultimate meaning behind Moby Dick (hint: it’s not about the whale) with friends over drinks afterwards. You’re welcome, I’ve just planned a whole evening for you. Also, Ron Howard makes pretty films about important things so if that’s your cup of tea then this will also appeal to you on that level.

What We Do in the Shadows
Who: Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Jonathan Brugh, and Cori Gonzalez-Macuer directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi
When: February 2015
Why: “VampireNomad we don’t know who any of those people are!” Well that’s your problem. Jemaine Clement is one-half of the brilliant Flight of the Conchords team and Taika Waititi wrote and directed Boy and Eagle vs. Shark (which also starred Clement). They’re from New Zealand - which is where I was first introduced to them - and they’re wondrous. What We Do in the Shadows is a feature length version of their short film that was hysterical. Essentially three centuries-old vampires share a flat in New Zealand and try to navigate flatmate pitfalls and fitting into modern society. You just have to see it. Watch the trailer. There’s no accurate way to describe the deadpan absurdist spot-on humor. Vampires! New Zealand! Jemaine Clement! Don’t even... just watch. And as an added bonus if you search out a theatre showing What We Do in the Shadows on its Valentines opening weekend you will have the double satisfaction of watching a hilarious film and NOT supporting the travesty that is Fifty Shades of Grey opening the same weekend. Vote with your money. Vote New Zealand and vampires.   

Who: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Ralph Fiennes, David Bautista, Monica Bellucci and more directed by Sam Mendes
When: November 2015
Why: Bond, James Bond. Like Tarantino, Bond is divisive.  You love Bond or you don’t care about Bond. To help sway your opinion to the favorable side of the spectrum, I present the following items:
1. An age-appropriate sexy Bond girl! Monica Bellucci for the win.
2. Sam Mendes also directed Skyfall and Skyfall was a great film.
3. Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw reprise their roles as Moneypenney and Q respectively and Andrew Scott (known to you Sherlock-philes as Moriarty) is also in the cast.
4. Spectre, if you know any Bond history, is a name loaded with meaning.
5. Finally, the new car is the Aston Martin DB10 which, in all honesty, may rival Daniel Craig for sexiness.

Thus, armed with questionable knowledge and the strident opinions of a vampire with a Tom Hardy fixation, the loyal readers of VampireNomad.com faced the dawning of a new year together.

Let's make it one to watch.

- Corinne Simpson