School, in this case, refers to the fact that I have dawdled, photographed, runwayed, latexed, collaborated, and otherwise spent my year of school time doing everything but school. (I have clearly also been working on introducing new words to the already-overcrowded English language.) I have been in makeup school ostensibly since the end of February 2014. There are four modules to the online program and to date I have completed one. Yes, one of four. One quarter. That's good math, you're all stars! The deadline for completion is drawing near, however, and now it's crunch time. I have until February 23rd to complete three modules of school. YOU GUYS I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS! *pumps self up* But in order to do it I am going to have to eat, sleep, and breathe makeup in all hours that I'm not at work. My contributions here may suffer from a sort of sporadic silence. I apologize in advance. I love you all and have ensured that you are in excellent hands with Alan and Nathan who will continue to bring the brilliance they always do. I will write as I can, I can't leave words alone for long, there's too much in my imagination to explore.

In the meantime, I'll visually share some of what I've been up to recently:

That's my friend and model Meagan Schirrmacher (who, if you visit my portfolio over on Palette's side of the site, you'll see a lot of) sitting for a pink-themed beauty look.

And that is my roommate (you may know her from live blogs as Ginger) sporting a stylized comic-style Lois Lane look. This was an homage to a brilliant MUA I follow on instagram: @argenapeede. Do check out his profile, it's amazing.

And now, the plunge. Into the school assignment abyss I go. Wish me luck!


Corinne Simpson