Horror 101: Meagan's Top Ten Horror Movies

*Disclaimer: Meagan’s stated preference in horror is the 80s slasher genre – so bear that in mind if your favorite classic ghost story or modern demonic possession tale isn’t on here.  Horror is subjective just like anything else.


10. The Possession

Meagan says: “If you can get past the fact that the dad in this is played by the same dude who plays John Winchester on Supernatural, the dybbuk is really creepy.”

VampireNomad says: The dybbuk is REALLY creepy.


9. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Meagan says: “Leslie Vernon is essentially what Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees is but as followed by a documentary film crew trying to capture what it’s like to be him.”


8. Insidious

Meagan says: “Insidious gets included because it’s a new movie that manages to do horror really well – what is essentially a haunted house movie flipped into a possession story.  It’s a lot of fun.”

VampireNomad says: PATRICK WILSON.  Patrick Wilson, you guys.


7.  VHS 2

Meagan says: “VHS is great but I personally prefer VHS 2VHS 2 is all individual independently shot handicam films which are placed together under the guise of one over-arching storyline so you get a taste of several different horror directors in a single movie.”


6. Child’s Play

Meagan says: “It’s hard because what’s not to like about a doll that kills people?”


5. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Meagan says: “Watching Corey Feldman battle wits with Jason Voorhees brings me great joy as it should every other viewer.”

VampireNomad: I haven’t seen this but honestly that description alone makes me want to watch it.  I mean, Jason Voorhees is a SILENT character.


4. Evil Dead

Meagan says: “This movie just for the sheer volume of quotable lines alone, the buckets of bright red blood, Bruce Campbell’s awesome overacting, and the introductions of the Deadites.  Also, notable mention: Bruce Campbell’s unibrow.”


3. Hellraiser

Meagan says: (Editor’s note: Meagan is dying because there are too many things to say about this movie and her face may have just been clasped in her hands in rapturous delight.) “The introduction of Pinhead is so amazing and the idea that this movie’s concept is that the ultimate pleasure comes from pain is fantastic – as is the special effect that sees all of Frank’s body parts hanging on hooks.”


2. Halloween

Meagan says: “I always liked Halloween because Michael Myers, even as a child, is portrayed as so evil.  Dr.  Loomis even says there is nothing in his eyes – he is what evil is.  He can’t die, ever.  And this was the first movie I ever saw where the child is the murderer and there’s simply nothing to be done about him, you can’t rehabilitate him.”


1.       Nightmare on Elm Street

Meagan says: “Firstly, obviously, Freddy.  In the original he is not even something that can get you when you’re awake – everybody has to sleep, everybody has to.  And that’s terrifying.  He is so evil, he has no personal motives directly against his victims but he will kill you.  Secondly, Johnny Depp as Glenn.  This was his first movie and his death scene heralds what is to come for the franchise – more over-the-top slapstick deaths* and more Freddy.”

*Disclaimer: a lot of people hate slapstick Freddy but you need to understand Meagan’s love of sarcasm to appreciate this quality in her choice.

VampireNomad: People, Johnny Depp gets EATEN BY A BED.  There isn’t anything better.  And also: Freddy is to Meagan what Catherine Willows is to me.  Your mileage may vary, of course.  


- Corinne Simpson with special guest Meagan Schirrmacher