Pick of the Week – October 19-25, 2015

First off, I’d like to thank Nathan Waddell for filling in with his pick last week.  If you haven’t read it yet, DO SO!  I love getting other perspectives in here, since I know what I like may not be to everyone’s taste.

But, since I’m back this week, we’re going with my taste again.  Sorry about that.

In 2014, the College Humor started a series of videos called Adam Ruins Everything.  In these short videos, comedian Adam Conover explained the facts behind everyday things that many of us take for granted.  While very funny, learning why diamond engagement rings are a complete scam was also educational too (Hence the “learning” part).  As of this writing, there are six College Humor videos covering topics ranging from the aforementioned engagement rings to purebred dogs to circumcisions.

The TruTV network recent began airing a half-hour version of Adam Ruins Everything, which is my Pick for this Week.  The series in expands on ideas from the original shorts, making them a part of a much larger whole.  For example, the truth about diamond engagement rings is one small part of an episode called “Adam Ruins Giving,” which also takes on Tom’s Shoes and canned food drives.

Adam himself delivers the material with just enough know-it-all snark to be entertaining but not obnoxious (at least to me), and he backs up his facts with citations printed on screen as he goes and with the actual experts in the areas he’s discussing.  This is a series that doesn’t want viewers taking things on faith.  The show their references.  If you don’t believe them, go look it up for yourself.

Three episodes have aired so far, “Adam Ruins Giving,” “Adam Ruins Security,” and “Adam Ruins Cars.”  They are well worth tracking down on On Demand or online.  New episodes premiere on TruTV on Tuesday nights at 10PM Eastern.

- Alan Decker

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