Halloween Voices: Revelation

Nathan conceived of the Halloween Voices short story idea and I LOVE them so when he invited me to write my own addition to the series, I jumped at the chance.  Before you read mine, revisit all of his: Gamedev, La Bruja, Long-haul Trucker, and Snake-oil Salesman. And now, from all of us at VampireNomad.com, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


The skeletal face in the mirror grimaced at me.  It looked good, even if I said so myself.  I'd taken pains to paint the exact facial bones and some lingering torn musculature around them to great creepy effect.  The curse of twisted reality, that creeper at the party called it.  Weirdo - but thanks for the compliment, buddy.  I ran the water in the sink and over my hands until it was nice and warm.  Splashing the water on my face felt good.  I was ready to be free of the paint.  I lathered makeup remover over my face and rinsed and patted my face dry.  

The skeletal face in the mirror grimaced at me.

What the hell?  I used the aqua paint, right?  I slipped out to check my makeup - yup, I'd used the aqua.  Water soluable.  Well apparently the fixing spray I'd set it with really worked.  I made a mental note to sing the praises of the fixing spray to all my future clients and set about re-washing my face.  Warm water, makeup remover on a careful cotton pad this time, rinse, pat dry.

The skeletal face in the mirror grimaced at me.

I risked burning eyes to wash my face while peering at the makeup this time.  I didn't miss a spot.  Water everywhere, all over my shirt, the floor, the mirror, I thoroughly soaked myself.  Cotton pad.  Foamy lather.  Rinse rinse rinse.  Nothing was coming off.  I still had a gleaming skeleton face with tendrils of muscle clinging to the bone.  I rubbed the towel hard down my face.

I stared at the skeleton in the mirror.  On the towel in my hands was a peachy-pale streak of color.  Little bits of flesh clung there.  


- Corinne Simpson