Nathan's Laserium - Halloween Voices: Gamedev

When people find out you're a game developer they're always like oh I have a great idea for a game you could make and I'm all like make it yourself I got all the ideas I need. Like it's just oh ok I'll drop everything and make you this game come by and pick it up tomorrow morning. We'll be rich they say. Yeah. So easy.

Anyways I was a little surprised when this one gentleman showed up in my office the other day. It's not like I have a secretary to keep people out- it's more like no one knows who I am or where I work. I just work in this shared hipster makerspace where everyone contributes to the rent and does their own thing. I make games and apps, and I do alright, but I'm not rich and I'm not famous.

So this guy comes in, and even though I could swear our little shared office was bustling with activity a few minutes before, no one else was there. Weird. Even weirder was this dude, who looked completely normal, except like a million times hotter than all the other suit and tie guys you see walking around looking at their phones. I don't mind hot dudes, believe me, but this guy, and excuse the pun but he seemed like, actually hot. Kind of on fire, but not really. Yeah I know that makes no sense but trust me. It was weird. Like, fire but made of shadow? Maybe you had to be there.

I was like, can I help you? and he was like, yes I am super important business magnate dude who is on shadowfire and I need you to make me a game right now. It was way more business formal than that but that was the gist. He used all the jargon words out of Fast Company and he was like I want to disrupt my industry with a new paradigm shift and gamify the harvest blah blah blah. And then he described the game he wanted me to make.

I'm like, so you want me to make a mashup of Diablo and Farmville? I ... guess. Pay to play apps are like the holy grail of any gamedevs, you can strike gold if you do it right, but everyone's trying and it's not as easy as it seems. And then he's all please don't use the term holy grail and this won't be pay to play his will be something a little bit different. He showed me what he had in mind. NDA, sorry! Can't say anything more than that. And then he gave me quite a bit of money so I said sir you have a deal!

All I can say is, read your Terms of Service agreements very very carefully before clicking I Agree.

- Nathan Waddell