Pick of the Week – November 23-29, 2015

After last week’s relatively long Pick of the Week post, I’m going to keep it fairly brief this week.  It’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States, which (and I’m going to be completely honest here) puts me in the mind of food.  Yes, I’m a terrible person for not starting with the “Being Thankful” part.  I get it, but this is my post, so I’m pressing on!

I spent four years living in Louisiana, and while there my feelings on the best main entree to eat for Thanksgiving was changed forever.  Those of you who know anything about Louisiana specialties may know where I’m going with this, but my Pick for this Week is that most excessive of poultry creations, the turducken.

In case you are not familiar, a turducken is a turkey that has been stuffed with a deboned duck that has been stuffed with a deboned chicken.  Cutting into it gives you a beautiful array of meats to enjoy, and the birds are available with a variety of stuffings.  I was always partial to the cornbread stuffing myself, but I know many people are fond of the seafood stuffing.

The popularity of turduckens has spread over the last several years, so you may be able to find a local butcher shop or store that sells them.  If not, though, you can get them mailed to you straight from Louisiana.  For example, here are two possibilities:

Cajun Grocer  (This one has a wide variety of stuffing available.)

Hebert’s Specialty Meats

NOTE: I don’t have direct experience with either of these retailers. 

It may be too late to get a turducken for Thanksgiving, but definitely put it on your “To Try” list.  It is an experience.

- Alan Decker

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