Nathan's Laserium: The Most Depressing Week of the Year

That was fun, wasn’t it? I enjoyed it, anyways. The Halloween Voices series I mean. Hope you enjoyed them, as well. Thanks to Corinne for taking part too. The week after Halloween is always the most depressing week of the year isn’t it? NO IT ISN’T!! For one thing, though it criminally wasn’t acknowledged on the site, it was the VampireNomad’s birthday the other day! I believe it was a bit of a milestone as she turned like 400 or 675 or something. You’ll have to ask her yourself,  it certainly isn’t my place to disclose the age of a lady.

And November 1st marked the day when 40 Below Volume 2 went on sale! If you are a YEGger you can get it at most any bookstore in town, including all Chapterses and Indigos and of course Audrey’s, that champion of local writers. And if you aren’t so local, you can get a copy from the 40 Below website or from Chapters/Indigo online. My story in it is one I’m quite proud of, it’s about winter in Alberta but it’s also about space and bullying and stuff like that. It’s called Escape Velocity.

So the other day I dropped my youngest daughter off at dance class and then went to Sunterra Market for a coffee and to write up this week’s Laserium. Then I saw a tweet about an anthology whose call for submissions was about to close, like the next day. “Damn,” I thought to myself, “this sounds right up my alley, too bad I learned about it way too late to do anything about it.” It was for a book that’s going to be about monsters in Canada. If there’s two things I know, it’s monsters and Canada! Anyways I knew if I didn’t at least try I would regret it so I fired up the ole afterburners and came up with something and submitted it before the deadline. Fingers crossed and all that and even if it isn’t accepted, I still totally want to read that book. I tell you this because I like to brag about how awesome I am but also because this same publisher has some other open calls and I wanted to share them with you! Check them out here:  Oh, sorry, only open to Canadian citizens.

Finally, the other totally awesome thing about this most depressing week of the year is the release of Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s Monstress, a new comic that is breathtakingly amazing. Kind of one part Saga, one part, mmm, HIs Dark Materials, maybe throw in a bit of China Mieville and I dunno, Miyazaki at his darkest? HOwever you describe it it is stunning and well worth the cover price, since the first issue is 70 pages of gorgeous art. You can get it any local comic book store or digitally from Comixology here.

Alright, hopefully you don’t feel nearly so depressed now! See you next week Laserites!

- Nathan Waddell