Pick of the Week – December 7-13, 2015

David Rees is an interesting guy.  I don’t know the man personally, but anyone who goes from being a cartoonist to starting his own artisanal pencil sharpening service to creating mashups of Taylor Swift songs and electronica has got to have some unusual things happening in his brain.

On top of these other endeavors, Rees hosts a television series, Going Deep with David Rees, which is my Pick of the Week.  In Going Deep, Rees investigates the science as well as other often-ignored factors that go into some of the most basic things we do in our life.  For example, the first season had an entire episode about what goes into making an ice cube.

I’m betting that that sounds incredibly dull, but the show’s humorous writing along with Rees’ delivery keep things entertaining and fascinating.  Back to that ice cube episode, I had no idea how difficult it can be to form clear ice. 

The show’s first season aired on the National Geographic Channel, but for Season Two, which began a few weeks ago, the series moved to the Esquire Channel.  Check your local listings…or just save time and watch it On Demand or on Hulu.  

- Alan Decker

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