Pick of the Week – December 14-20, 2015

When I was in elementary school, I thought comedic music began and ended with Weird Al Yankovic.  My collection of his albums started with In 3-D, his second album, and continues to this day.  Over the years, I of course learned that funny music didn’t begin with Al.  I heard Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Allan Sherman, and the incredible Tom Lehrer.  Many of these discoveries came through Dr. Demento’s weekly radio show, which aired late on Sunday nights in my area. 

Since I had school the next morning and couldn’t stay up for the whole show, I’d wait until the show started, begin recording it on a cassette tape, and then fall asleep with the radio volume all the way down.  Usually the click of the tape ending was enough to wake me up, at which point I’d quickly flip the tape over and hit record again.  Later on, I would go through the tapes and then transfer the songs I liked onto a homemade compilation tape.

Yes, it was a pain, but it worked well enough at the time.

Fortunately, we now live in the future, and, thanks to the Internet, we can find whatever we want with ease.  This holds true for comedic music as well.  Youtube is full of parody songs and videos as well as some original work.  This week’s Pick, though, is another site that has been providing a home for new comedic music - The FuMP, short for the Funny Music Project.

The FuMP has been around since 2007 and since its founding has hosted 1,000 songs (and counting) from artists like Luke Ski, Mikey Mason, Niel Cicierega (My Pick a few weeks ago), and Jonathan Coulton (Also the subject of a previous Pick of the Week.).  With all of that to choose from, you are bound to find something entertaining.  Head over and browse!  

- Alan Decker

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