Nathan's Laserium - Love Poem, With Robots

A fleet of technospaceships
full of robots
from the planet Technotopia X
arrived at Earth the other day
looking for the meaning of life
and love
all the questions of the human condition
that have plagued robotkind since 
at least the golden age of pulp fiction
they sent a robot researcher
down to study you and I
and make a report to the mothership
he followed us around
mostly unobtrusive
but occasionally pestering us with
tiresome requests to clarify some
figure of speech
that he took literally
he kept a careful tally
medians modes and means
of every time we
said I love you
he returned to his
to report on his findings
love is
he said in his robot voice
love is . . .
love . . .
love . . . does not . . . 
love . . . 
and then 
his technoneural processors
and he died
so the fleet of technospaceships
back to Technotopia X
we felt sad
I said
I loved that little guy
and you said
I love you!
I laughed
and said
I love you too!

(From 2006)

- Nathan Waddell