Friday the 13th: A Visual Appreciation Post

It's Friday the 13th and I know a lot of people have superstitious fears about this day but I like to embrace it and all the creepy connotations it contains.  (Alliteration is a gift.)  In honor of this Friday the 13th, I'm giving you a sneak peek of one of the looks coming up in my makeup portfolio.  Model Meagan Schirrmacher and I have a series of glamour/grotesque homages planned and this installment features her embodying her horror icon Freddy Krueger.  

I know Freddy menaces the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and not the Friday the 13th series (that honor belongs to Jason Voorhees) but this is a celebration of the spirit of Friday the 13th so Freddy counts.  Enjoy!  And here's to black cats crossing your path all day long!  (If you don't have access to one, give me a call - Bogart would love nothing better than to criss-cross your life making things miserable for you.)

Note: The Freddy look was professionally shot by Trevor of Wear Photography so we are eagerly anticipating revealing those images in the near future.

Model: Meagan Schirrmacher

HMUA: Corinne for VampireNomad Palette

Model: Meagan Schirrmacher (

HMUA: Corinne for VampireNomad Palette

- Corinne Simpson