Nathan's Laserium - Shine on You Crazy Elephant

Many years ago the vampirenomad challenged me to a duel. Actually I kind of forget how it all went down, but rather than opting for shuriken, I must have chosen poetry as our weapon. For I am the poetry ninja! So stealthy I was a poet and didn't even realize that I was it. Or something. Anyways she gave me three days, three topics. One was about her cat Poe, and we reposted that poem sometime last year . For some reason, I think related to Mao Zedong, one of her challenges was "Shining Elephant" so here was my response. Cue the Pink Floyd and enjoy ;)

I met an elephant whose name was Dwight  
He was always scared at night  
He said he once had had a dream  
That had really made him scream  
In this dream some tiny mice  
Made Dwight's blood turn to ice  
And since an elephant can not forget  
Any nightmare that made them sweat  
Dwight was now Achlu-Musophobic  
So he skipped night-time aerobics  
But he still had to go on Dawn Patrol  
(Still quite dark unless the moon is full)  
His tusks, they shook and his ears, they flapped  
They say that even his poo, it crapped  
And so he had to hatch a plan  
Horton helped him, and Tarzan  
What they did is they took Dwight's trunk  
And cleared it of all the snot and gunk  
And stuck a flashlight way up in there  
With extra batteries to spare  
Dwight can now walk in the night  
Done with the danger of dying of fright  
As an added bonus he no longer whines  
For now he is known as the Elephant Who Shines!  

(February 27, 2004)

- Nathan Waddell