The Modern Woman's Dating Manifesto

The Modern Woman’s Dating Manifesto

I determine my own fate.  I choose my own adventure.
My sexuality does not define me nor does it limit me.  Love is love.  I believe what Nat King Cole sang: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
I deserve respect.  I deserve to be seen and treated as an equal.
Consent is of the utmost importance.  It isn’t optional.  No means no.  Stop means stop.  Don’t means don’t.  
I don’t owe anybody anything.  If you have a dick and you pay for dinner, I don’t owe you sex or a blow job afterwards.  If you show up / open the door / make me laugh / shower / whatever, good for you.  I did all that too.  And we don’t owe each other anything but respect.
If I sleep with you on the first date, that’s my choice.  It’s my right as a sexual being to express my sexuality as I desire in a consensual setting.  It does not make me a slut.  If I don’t sleep with you for fifty dates, that’s also my choice.  It’s my right as a sexual being to not sleep with you.  It does not make me a prude.  
“I won’t be ignored, Dan.”
I won’t be objectified for your amusement because I am not an object.  I am a fully realized and nuanced human being.  I am not a sex toy.
Sometimes you’ll pay and that doesn’t make me a gold digger.  Sometimes I’ll pay and that doesn’t mean I’m emasculating you.  Sometimes we’ll split the bill because we’re both functional adults that way.
Eating should be fun.  I might want three desserts and that’s my right.  I might only want salad and that’s also my right.  Eat and let live.
Don’t be offended when I refuse to tell you where I live or come to your place on first dates.  It’s not personal to you but it is personal for me.  #YesAllWomen.  
The Friend Zone is something you made up to soothe your own ego.  Stop saying it.
I reserve the right to end the date at any time if you are offensive or dull.  It doesn’t make me a tease.
I am woman, hear me roar.  

- Corinne Simpson