Nathan's Laserium: Ultron and Opinion

Even though Twitter has this annoying new feature called "While You Were Away" that I dismiss every time I see it, I miss most of what happens. I work far, far away from any kind of internet access and my shifts are 15 hours if you include travel time to and from. And because Twitter lends itself to brevity and has a tendency to allude to stuff rather than actually say the stuff (again, because brevity) I'm always having to play catch-up. Even as I type these words I can see that one simple solution might be to use something other than Twitter as my primary source of information about the world, but no thank you.

I think I have sorted out most of the stuff I care about:

Joss Whedon: No moar twitterz! Writing!

Simon Pegg: Movies are making you dumz! Moar smrter movies please!

Dr. Lepore: Comics are also very dumz! And sexist! Don't read comicssss!

G Willow Wilson: Hey, you're talking about the comic I wrote! Did you even read it? Because my whole thing is feminism and inclusivity....

George Miller: What's Twitter, pray tell? Look I made you a perfect movie that is also a feminist manifesto. A feminesto, if you will.

Taylor Swift: Did someone say Furiosa?

I took my whole family to see Age of Ultron yesterday. My daughters are 6 and 4 and their verdict was essentially: that was the longest, goodest movie ever. My verdict, though this is not a review and who really cares what I think anyways: way better than the comic with the same title, at least. At least it actually had Ultron in it and there was no need for a future Wolverine to kill the past Wolverine or something, and at no time was Captain America crying in a corner in some cave. Also the Hulk fought the Hulkbuster armour so that was definitely worth the price of admission.

It's that price of admission but that is actually kind of my point, which speaks to Simon Pegg's point, I think. It cost about $40 to take my family of four to a Tuesday afternoon matinee, pretty much the cheapest possible time. Oh and something like $17 or $24 for treats. Even taking the lower number, that's $57 to see a summer movie. And this was my clever solution to save money, since my wife and I had planned to see both AoU and Mad Max on date nights. So when you factor in dinner and babysitter, a movie for just two can sometimes approach $200. Yes, the bulk of that is not money to the studios, but it is money out of my pocket. So I have to be strategic in what movies I go see in the theaters.

My favorite movie I've recently seen is The Imitation Game. We got that from the library for free and watched it in the comforts of our own house. There's no way I'd go see that movie in the theater. No need. The big screen is for flashy special effects and stunning stunts. Comedies and dramas don't really lose much in the translation to a smaller screen (but still pretty freaking big compared to what I grew up with). In fact they are better at home in peace and quiet. And prestige television has certainly raised the bar for intelligent entertainment.

But the bottom line, to echo Alan's post the other day, is quit yelling at me for liking the stuff I like. I like the stuff I like! No apologies. If I want to spend nearly $50 to go see Avengers I'm gonna do it. And even more for Mad Max. Which isn't dumbing anyone down. I don't want to go off on Simon Pegg like so many others did, because his desire to see more intelligent movies is laudable. But you can have both. You can have both!

When I was a kid there was no upside to being into nerdy things. I loved Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and comics and action figures long past the point when society said I could, and I often caught shit for that. Even beaten up. So my love for this stuff is hard earned and you can fuck right off if you don't like it.

Ok, the sun is rising or however that lullaby goes. Calming down. Go read A-Force! Go see Mad Max! Watch Bad Blood on YouTube. Hell, even go see Simon Pegg's Star Trek 3 when it comes out, though I'm a little worried about that one- in the same interview where all the quotes about movies dumbing us down came from, he actually said some ominous things about studio meddling that made me think the real reason he said all that stuff is someone came in and told him he couldn't play with the toys he loves the way he wants.

If that's the case, well, I hear ya brother. Don't let the bastards bring you down!

- Nathan Waddell