Nathan's Laserium - Father's Day Tea

It was the Festival of the Hundredth Day of School and
Ok wait. Stop right there. The hundredth day of school.  What?
No, it's The Hundredth Day of School. It's a thing.
When did it become a thing?
I dunno. Everything is a thing now. Valentine's Day. St. Patrick's Day.
Yeah but those were always days. Feast days or whatever for dead saints. There used to be way more of them.
Well exactly. Now they are making new feast days, new excuses to party. It's a good thing!
It is yeah, Andrew WK would be proud. But the hundredth day of school, that's a bit of a stretch, no?
Never mind the hundredth day. You missed it anyways. Next up is Father's Day. You going to the Father's Day Tea at preschool? It's on Tuesday.
Tea? What tea?  I . . . no. I'm working. I have a job. I have to work.
You could take the day off. It's a big deal.
I already took a day off for the dance recital. I'm running out of days I can take off. And actual Father's Day is on Sunday, when I really am off. We can hang out then. On Father's Day.
Well, she's going to be really sad. What about Kindergarten Father's Day Tea? Thursday. Can you make it to that one?


- Nathan Waddell