Pick of the Week – June 22-28, 2015

I became a big fan of The Flash TV series this past season (That’s not my Pick for this week.  Bear with me for a moment.), and, while I enjoyed the show immensely, one of my favorite moments had absolutely nothing to do with what was happening on screen but instead involved who was on screen.  Clancy Brown was appeared in this particular episode as his recurring character, General Wade Eiling, and I was able to turn to my daughter and say, “See that guy?  That’s Mr. Krabs.”  The look of confused astonishment on her face was wonderful as she tried to see Brown (who is a pretty imposing guy) as the animated owner of the Krusty Krab on Spongebob Squarepants.

Of course, when I was my daughter’s age, I didn’t put any thought into the fact that there were actual human beings voicing my favorite cartoon characters, but about the time I got into graduate school, I became far more interested in the subject.  This was probably because I found myself living in the same city as the 1990s voice of Scooby-Doo, Scott Innes. 

Since then, I’ve started taking note of the people who voice some of my favorite characters.  In college, my friends and I would race back from class to make sure we were back in time for Animaniacs, and I’ve since learned that the same man, Rob Paulsen, voiced Yakko, Dr. Scratchansniff, and Pinky.

Now that I have this interest in voice actors, the documentary (and, at long last, this week’s Pick) I Know That Voice, was great fun for me, since it is absolutely FILLED with interviews with the greatest voice actors in the business.  I guarantee you that your childhood (and possibly your adulthood) is in this movie.

I Know That Voice, which was produced and narrated by Futurama’s Bender himself, John DiMaggio, was streaming on Netflix last I knew, and, beyond giving you a look at everyone from Batman (Kevin Conroy) to Timmy Turner (Tara Strong), the documentary provides an incredibly interesting overview of the business of voice-acting.

As a side bit of fun, HERE is a fantastic clip of many of the voice actors from the film reading the script for Star Wars in the voices of their various characters.

- Alan Decker

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