Happy 2016: Let's Read!

Happy New Year everyone!

It is I, the VampireNomad, in the undead flesh herself. I have emerged from the crypt of 2015 to greet you all ("hello!") and ask you a little favour IF I MAY BE SO BOLD. (Full disclosure: I will be bold whether you want me to or not. But I enjoy the phrase 'if I may be so bold' from a literary if not functional standpoint.)

This is a writing site. I KNOW! Is this news to some of you? Strange. What have you been doing here all this time? If it's pictures you're after we can certainly accommodate you: just visit the sidebar link called 'Palette' to ogle all my fantasy and beauty and horror makeup creations applied to pretty models throughout the year. But this, this here, this part of the site is writing. Be warned: words happen here. GLORIOUS LIFE-CHANGING WORDS! WORDS OF BEAUTY AND POWER!

Okay now that we're all on that same page again here's the favour I have to ask you:

What books would you recommend to me, our loyal writers Alan and Nathan, and all the readers (like, there are probably even ten of them by now) who visit this site regularly?  What books delighted, moved, or challenged you in 2015? What are your all-time favorite books you think everyone should experience at least once? What books did you get for Christmas that you're excited to dive into? 

I'll share my Christmas books. I got two: 

1) 'A Vision of Fire' by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin which is book one of the EarthEnd Saga. Yes, THAT Gillian Anderson. Agent Scully herself. I just started it over the holidays and I'm already completely engrossed. 

2) 'Watch Me: A Memoir' by Anjelica Huston. 'Watch Me' picks up where 'A Story Lately Told' leaves off in the life story of Anjelica Huston and she is as amazing and engaging a writer as she is actress which is to say: VERY. I am definitely going to enjoy the shine right off the cover of this book. 

I'm also still reading 'Gonzo: the Life of Hunter S. Thompson' (fascinating) and 'The Rum Diary' by the man himself.  I love all his books but somehow missed 'The Rum Diary' in my binging of the unparalleled weird brilliance that is Thompson's writing so here we stand. And yes, I always read multiple books at one time. I am a distracted driver on the literary road. I apologize for nothing. You can never have too many books in hand, I say.

But now it's your turn. Be heard. Let's talk books. What have you read, are you reading, or are you looking forward to that you can share with all of us? Reply in the comments or tweet me at @vampirenomad on Twitter. 

xo VampireNomad

- Corinne Simpson