Weekly Trek: VampireNomad Live Tweet Edition

Oh you guys are in for a treat this week, I tell you! Stalwart Trek Commander Alan Decker is on hiatus this week and has entrusted his weekly column to me.  So I have decided to screen cap the Star Trek: TNG live tweet I did on Friday night.  Yes, read that sentence again and let the full glory of it sink in.  The longer explanation is thus: I sometimes visit my friends Patricia and Jeff and we choose a Star Trek: the Next Generation episode via vote-in process on Twitter for me to live tweet while we watch together and eat dinner and drink Dr. Pepper.  This week the votes included Season 6's fifth episode titled 'Schisms' and that is what I live tweeted.  Jokes and irreverence abound but know that I am a deeply loyal TNG fan and all the mockery comes from a place of enduring love. 

Will there be spoilers herein?  Uh.... sort of?  Maybe?  In a perverse way? 

Also, because Twitter is linear, the latest tweets appear first.  So to read this chronologically, the way the episode airs and God intended, you need to scroll to the bottom of the post and read up.  YOU CAN DO IT!!  Scroll to the last tweet in the list (which will be the first) and read back up to this paragraph.  And then thank your lucky stars that Alan comes back next week. 

- Corinne Simpson