Book Corinne for Calgary Expo!

Or for any makeup at any time, really. But we're talking about Expo specifically.

In any case, if you are a cosplayer and want fabulous makeup to go with your fabulous cosplay, contact me and book my services for Calgary Expo April 28th to May 1st.  Beauty, fantasy, horror, SFX... you name it, I can create it for you.  I've already got lovely people lined up so if you're thinking of booking, don't wait!  Get in now.

MUA: Corinne for VampireNomad Palette

Model: Kyra Dewalt

Photographer: Chianti Images

Ad Design: Patricia Begley-Nelson

Thank you to the amazing people - Kyra, Alaina, and Patricia - who made this ad a reality.  If you want to share this image around on your social media platforms I am happy for that to happen!  Just please make sure to keep credits in there: model, photographer, and designer names, thank you. 

If you want to book me, please reach out!  Email me at or send me a direct message on Facebook at

- Corinne Simpson