Nathan's Laserium: Ode to the Ordovician

Here’s a Throwback Thursday for you- a poem I wrote and attached to a geology paper I wrote in University. My prof loved it. Not often you get poetry devoted to one of the five major mass extinctions. Is the current one the sixth? Someone should write a poem. I guess every metal band ever has, see Blackened and Toxic Garbage Island and Countdown To Extinction and etc etc. This is circa . . . 1994 I’m going to say. As far as I recall it’s never seen the light of day until now.


Ode to The Ordovician


Working on my paper for days I am confused

My brain is overtired and my body’s been abused

If only I were an invertebrate critter

From the Late Ordovician, I would not be so bitter

Creatures without backbones can still be heroic

Especially those from the Paleozoic

It’s true all they did was filter some crud

And they spent all their lives lying in mud

But that kind of life sounds mighty appealing

As I sit in the library and stare at the ceiling

A brachiopod cared little about papers or marks

And didn’t have to worry about getting eaten by sharks

Life in the Ordovician sounds awful nice

If one could just avoid extinction by ice.


- Nathan Waddell