Nathan's Laserium: All-New All-Different

Can you imagine if you felt the need to read every single tweet on your timeline, no matter how far behind you got? Silly, right? I kind of feel that way with comics. Comics are an avalanche. They just keep making more! Every week, more. And I try to read them all. Or, a fair number of them, anyway.

“Guys, wait! I’m going to Jamaica! Just take a break ok? No more comics for a couple weeks. Go to Jamaica too! Please! Stop?”

The answer is no. There is no stopping.

I’m not going to Jamaica, by the way, that was last year. But it was kind of when I started to fall slowly, inexorably behind.

Just take a break for like one month!

Alas, the great King Kirby, New God, hears not my pleas.

It's ok. I feel like I'm getting my feet back, comicologically. Marvel had this line-wide disruption last summer called Secret Wars. I liked it but like almost all their old series ended and then these new temporary ones too over and then everything started over again in the Fall. All-New All-Different!

Alright so I am now prepared to offer some recs based on what I've read so far.



Ms. Marvel: the latest issue literally had me lmfaoing. Yeah. Kind of reminded me of old Calvin and Hobbes, which is a good thing. Of course the draw with Ms. Marvel is she's a Pakistani-American superhero, which is super cool, but her appeal is really universal. Smart and fun. I think you will like it! Plus she's an Avenger now.


Doctor Strange: this is what I mean when I say I lost touch- I didn't even know this existed until it showed up on my Marvel Unlimited app this week, which only publishes comics once they've been out for six months. Written by Jason Aaron! Drawn by Chris Bachalo! A dream team perfectly suited for the extra-dimensional magical critters that live in Stephen Strange's world. I liked it so much I went to my local comic shop to get the five other issues released so far, but sadly the exchange rate renders floppy comics somewhat unaffordable. Still tempting though, it's so good.


Weirdworld: ok so Secret Wars is this neat sort of callback to the 80s when Marvel did a pair of crossover events, the first of their kind really, and is the culmination of Jonathan Hickman's unbelievably brilliant run at Marvel. The universes were destroyed and now Dr Doom runs all that's left, which is BattleWorld. So all the spinoff series were also callbacks, reimaginings of Marvel events, like Armour Wars and Inferno from the 80s, Age of Apocalypse from the 90s, even Civil War and Planet Hulk and others from this century. Then there was this one called Weirdworld. Good name. Kind of came from out of nowhere, far as I could see. But I read it and it was my faVorite. Jason Aaron, again, writing. Art by Mike del Mundo who does this astonishing, surreal, painterly art that you really have to see. The Secret Wars crossover lasted five issues and is kind of swords and sorcery and a mishmash of other genres too. And now there's a new ongoing, same artist, now written by Sam Humphries, which has a slightly different focus- a young girl on her way to Mexico for important family reasons is magically zapped into Weirdworld and has to get home. First issue was funny and gorgeous, of course. I hope it continues a long time, though it occupies such a weird niche it might not find an audience. Read it! For my sake! And yours too because you'll love it.


Black Panther: Ta-Nahisi Coates is writing for Marvel! That's cool, right? Supercool. Black Panther number one just came out today. I like it. Can't wait to read more.


Black Widow: yeah so the superstar team that brought us the most amazing Daredevil comics for the last like five years or so has moved on. To Natasha Romanova! How sweet is that? Waid and Samnee (and Wilson and Caramagna) have shifted focus from the Man Without Fear to the Woman Who Is Also Without Fear But Also Without Any Superpowers So She Kicks Even More Ass. Probably they should come up with an easier tag line. I don't even need to say more, right? You're already calling your comic shop to reserve your copy.


Alright and Honorable mentions- more goodness from the Marvel not-quite-reboot:


Vision. Hellcat. Spider-Woman. Invincible Iron Man. Angela, Queen of Hel. Oh and the new Marvel Star Wars line has been very strong. That almost deserves its own post though. May the X-Force Be With You!

Though I haven't read any of the X-Men comics so I can't actually endorse X-Force at this time.

- Nathan Waddell