Nathan's Laserium: Good Movie!

I went and saw Captain America: Civil War. So did you! We liked it! Good movie, right?


So good.

Kind of makes you wanna, like, write about it or something. Like about maybe how, um, you know, something a little deeper, a little more insightful than “That airport fight scene was so awesome!!!”

Oh, I know! Point out the differences and the similarities between the movie and the comic.

Mm. Nah. Been done. Comics and movies are different. This is known. Who cares.

We could talk about, like, the political landscape and how Civil War speaks to the way in which people who are on the same side are griping and sniping and fighting each other.

Oh, you read that already? Twice? Oh, NPR and Vice both did something along those lines. Ok.

Well, like, that airport fight was pretty awesome. Especially when SPOILER! Shutthefuckupawready! Why everybody gotta spoil shit alla time anyway.

Black Panther was cool, right? I hear he’s getting a movie.

I love Black Widow. She kicks so much ass. She’s still not getting a movie. Come on, Marvel. At least we have Agent Carter.

Oh wait.

Alright. Well, I don’t know what to write. What’s the point, even. We all saw it. Most of us loved it. Most of us will see the next one.

Guess I’ll just stand by my tweet I wrote after I saw it, kind of says all I need to say:

Good Movie!

- Nathan Waddell