Weekly Trek – May 23-29, 2016

Considering that Star Trek is a franchise set in the future, I’ve spent an awful lot of time (all of it really) talking about the past.  Since the last episode of the Star Trek: Enterprise aired 11 years ago, that isn’t exactly surprising.  Between then and now, we’ve had two feature films (With a third, Star Trek Beyond, due this Summer. The NEW TRAILER for the film was just released on Friday evening.), but not much else.  Now, though, let’s talk about future.  The big news over the last several months has been that Star Trek is returning to television in 2017…

…sort of.

As I’ve discussed in several of my Sunday posts, the new series will air its pilot episode on CBS, but after that the series movies to CBS’ online service, CBS All Access, which will force me to decide whether Star Trek is worth $6 per month to me or if I’ll be waiting for it to hit Netflix or DVD. 

Additionally we know that Bryan Fuller will be the show runner (I’ve written about why I believe this is great news HERE) and that he’s brought Nicholas Meyer (Co-writer/Director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and co-writer of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.) and Rod Roddenberry (Son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry) to work on the new series. 

Recently it was announced that the series will shoot in Canada, which isn’t all that surprising, since the vast majority of effects-heavy shows shoot there due to cost-savings.  Pretty much the entire CW and Syfy slates are filmed around Vancouver.

What we didn’t have, though, was a real look at the new show.  As of this week, we still don’t.  CBS did, however, release a teaser trailer as a part of their presentation about next season.  You can watch it HERE.

Ok, so it doesn’t show anything.  That’s to be expected, since they haven’t announced any casting yet.  What was interesting to me, though, was the tagline used in the trailer, particularly the words “New Crews.” 

Crews.  Plural.

This lends credence to a rumor that I pretty much dismissed back in THIS POST that the new series would actually be an anthology series, which each season starring different characters and taking place at a different point in Star Trek history.  I thought the idea, while intriguing, would be economically infeasible.  Maybe I was wrong. 

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about this over the next few months as production gears up.  For now, though, I can bask in the glow of the fact that all of this is actually happening.

Star Trek is coming back.

- Alan Decker

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