Nathan's Laserium: The Mother Superior

Happy Mother’s Day! Which is not today I know. Nor are most of you mothers either I know that too. To be honest it’s mostly just an excuse to bring you this silly little rhyme from many years ago that otherwise wouldn’t ever seem topical or relevant. Revelant, perhaps in the parlance of this poem. What can I say, I’ve been busy. I am working on a story however, hopefully it will be ready soon, but at the moment it isn’t quite cooked.



The Mother Superior is constantly vigilant

In making sure all of her nuns are all digilant

She doesn't put up with making up words

Her convent is full of grammatical nerds

So imagine the irony when she nailed up a sign

That stated her new Nunnery Rule Number Nine:

"From this point hereforeward I will severiously punish

Any of you nuns who are caught acting unnunnish!"



Notes: Severious is a word I coined when I was hitch-hiking across Canada and needed a new way to describe the excruciating pain I was often in when hiking with my backpack for untold miles, as in "I am in severious pain." You know, both severe and serious.

Digilant is a word I just made up to rhyme with vigilant. Since diligent just didn't really cut it.

And I don't know who made up the word poo but they deserve a Poollitzer.

Posted 24th July 2003


- Nathan Waddell