The Inverse Function

Back in November of 2015 I wrote a guest post for my friend Lindsey McNeill (Scream Queen B)'s blog. It was about ageism against women in Hollywood and embracing aging instead of fighting it and wanting to see more women of all ages onscreen... it's the kind of post that bears repeating over and over again because it never goes out of style, sadly. We never learn to embrace aging and we really should. Hollywood really should. So here, then, is a teaser of that post (called 'The Inverse Function') along with Lindsey's blush-inducing flattering introduction. Please please please click the link at the end to go to the original post to finish reading it there. Because I have things to say and they're worth reading... and I know it takes time to click but I like to give credit where credit is due and Lindsey coaxed this post out of me and hosted it first so finish reading it on her site. Thank you!  xoxo Corinne the VampireNomad


#BITCHPLEASE  I met Corinne Simpson on set of the Sexy Voter campaign, where she demonstrated the delight of individual eyelashes. After quickly discovering we're both writers, both into horror and feminism, we decided we better go for coffee. Our new friendship has lightened my spirit with so much needed laughter and shared wisdom that I'm reminded of a universal force that brings people together at just the right time. Plus, a woman who can use Star Trek: The Next Generation to perfectly illustrate my current spiritual obstacles... you wanna keep her around and thank her daily. 

She is a superb storyteller (I will never think of breakfast quite the same) and a brilliant mind. When she offered to write piece on Hollywood and the invisibility of women of a certain age - particularly in relationship to men - well I knew this was something to share and discuss. So please enjoy and give her some love!




There is a curious thing that happens in Hollywood as women age: they become invisible.  Or rather, they simply don’t age.  It’s a phenomenon I like to affectionately call The Inverse Function because I am very mathematically inclined.  No, that’s a joke, I’m not at all but I do full-heartedly support women in STEM and believe more women should be in STEM fields because our world is our battleground and our playground simultaneously.  Women should define and explore it as much as men.  I digress.  Defined, inverse means “(of a proportion) containing terms of which an increase in one results in a decrease in another.  A term is said to be in inverse proportion to another term if it increases (or decreases) as the other decreases (or increases)”. So, like my bank account and makeup collection: that is an inverse relationship.  As my makeup collection increases, my bank account decreases.  But in Hollywood The Inverse Function I refer to is age-related.  Specifically: as actors age (or increase in years), their lead actresses get younger (or their ages decrease).........

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by: Corinne Simpson