I've been notably slack at updates but you'll forgive me, won't you?

I've been very busy setting up work for the new year. Being freelance means you're not guaranteed work or pay and you have to actively seek out your own jobs and then negotiate for the ones that will pay enough to live off. I like to keep a balance between projects that I take more or less because they offer good money and projects that are all about creativity and the love of theatre where money is scarce. It now looks as though I'll have a pretty solid year up until August so I can breathe a little easier. November and December were incredibly rough. Balthazar and I were as poor as we've ever been - even more so than when we were students - and we struggled to just make the basic ends meet. But as 2008 slinks off with its tail between its legs, as well it should, 2009 has come bounding up drooling with excitement at being able to play in the sunshine. And that is probably the only dog analogy you'll ever get from me, a dedicated cat lover.

So hopefully what this new work schedule means for you is more updates. I'm deciding how much personal crap I want to write about versus how much pop culture I want to rave about here in the Crypt. I prefer pop culture and random obsessions because they're more anonymous and I do tend to fixate. I'm not fond of broadcasting my private life. But I think, as in all things, a balance is in order.

Why don't I just ask you - the three loyal readers I have left - what you want to see more of here in 2009?