A little background:

I hate spiders. Since moving here I've had to attempt to confront my fear not because there are infinitely more spiders in New Zealand than Canada but because Balthazar (who is not at all afraid of spiders) doesn't want to be my 'spider exterminator' forever. He thinks it builds character to confront my fears or something. Also we both travel for work so sometimes he's living in another city and can't physically take care of the spiders for me. I am hard-pressed to be in the same building as a spider, never mind the same room. Killing them is out of the question. Squashing involves contact and I.just.can't.do.that. Ditto removal. Like I'm ever going to gently pick up a motherfucking spider just to relocate it. So I compromised by learning to get near enough to the spider offender to drop a glass over top of it. That's my solution. I can't kill them, I can't live with them, and sometimes Balthazar isn't around. Imprisonment is the only answer.

Sometimes, though, this solution isn't so much an answer as a new problem. Like the time Balthazar was away for the weekend and I imprisoned a spider about an hour after he left. Right in the middle of the doorway to the kitchen. SIGH. I had to find a way to remember that I'd stupidly trapped a spider in the most inconvenient of locations for 48 hours and I also had to warn Balthazar, who would be returning home late at night after I'd gone to bed.

My solution:

Objects under glass are larger than they appear in photos.

The terror a spider inspires is hugely disproportionate to it's actual mass anyway.