Update, Update, wherefore art thou, Update?

Point form real life news:

1. It's fucking cold here.
2. The big theatrical production I work for is set to open in just over a week... finally. SQUEE!
3. I work all the time.
4. I am pretty much tired all the time.
5. I saw Terminator: Salvation and while it didn't terminate me, it didn't prove to be my salvation either. It was, in a word, "meh".
6. Are you aware that the yellow snakes in the lolly bag are not actually a horrid lemon flavor but are, in fact, banana? To quote Gwen Stefani, "that shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S".
7. Balthazar and I actually had dates two nights in a row this week. Like, we saw each other two nights in a row for longer than the time it takes to collapse into comas in bed. Which is some kind of new record for us and is definitely awesome.
8. Any time NZ wants to catch the memo about this being 2009 and get central goddamn heating will be okay with me.
9. Did I mention the cold?
10. I haven't seen Joe, the neighborhood cat, since winter set in. And while I understand his aversion to being outside in the blustery chill, I am saddened by his absence.

That is all.