The Crypt is staying open. And it is in honor of Homie and Michelle who have inspired me with their devotion. And I'm taking practical advice from La Phoenicienne to practice blogging daily (or so) even if I have nothing profound to say.

By way of thanks, each of you gets an Anjelica photo dedicated to you. This is, of course, the highest honor I can bestow upon you.

For Homie of the Beareth Clan:
Anjelica as The Grand High Witch. Because you appreciate the twisted glory of a good Roald Dahl story as much as I do. And Anjelica made the best Grand High Witch, let's be honest.

For Lovely Michelle (also of the Beareth Clan):
Anjelica as a little girl with her father, John Huston. Because honestly, how beautiful is she in this photo? It makes my cold undead heart go gooey.

For La Phoenicienne (who I still affectionately call by another name):
Anjelica as Carrie Chapman Catt in Iron Jawed Angels. Bravo to you for watching Iron Jawed Angels which is brilliant and riveting, as is Anjelica even in her brief screen time.

So, come hell or high water (do you ever wonder where these sayings come from? I mean hell or high water, those are the only two things that could possibly happen?) I will continue blogging. Mostly about film. And sometimes about me, your resident vampire goddess with a taste for all things dark and saucy.