I have in my pilfered image collection a growing number of photos of celebrities with animals. Things I love: animals and photography. People I love: Sigourney Weaver, Marg Helgenberger, Anjelica Huston, and Gina Gershon. So this post really sort of writes itself.

The expression on her face makes me giggle. It's such an 'oh god the dog is licking me and it's adorable but also quite gross' spontaneous moment. I love it.

Usually pets are hands-down the cutest part of any photo but in this case I'm torn on who looks more adorable posing. She looks about five years old here, bending down to pat her dog and grinning up at the camera.

This is my second all-time favorite 'actress with animal' photo. It's part of a series taken by a professional photographer, naturally, and I'm as big a sucker for black and white as I am for both subjects of the photo.

This is my favorite. She's so young and gorgeous and carefree and horses are always beautiful and, you know, it's black and white... it's one of those images that sears itself into your brain and remains there, lovely and idealistic, forever.

Hooray for cat lovers! I have nothing at all against dogs but cats are a special kind of awesome. And this is the cat who, while lost for a span of time, inspired an entire album to be written about her owner's search for her. I would totally do the same thing if Poe got lost (and I wrote music). Right, Homie?