I'm back. But I'm not having any brilliant insights on what to talk about here.

I don't know what to do about The Crypt. Keep it? Close it? I'm at a loss. Does anybody even visit anymore? I wish, most days, that I could be more like Homie Bear whose Woods are always entertaining, always updated, and never lack his best attentions. I feel like my Crypt is now just dead (as opposed to undead) and I just might not be much of a blogger as it turns out.

Listen, raving masses of one (thank you Homie, loyal bear friend) and any passersby who stop in, weigh in here. What suggestions do you have? Close up shop? Keep on trucking? Gimme a clue here. I started out being an actual writer. Somewhere along the line I lost my focus and ability to share entertaining anecdotes without slicing open my torso and literally letting you peek inside me. I want anonymity to a degree but I want to write. O GREAT INTERNET MASSES, OFFER ME YOUR INSIGHT! (I'm asking for trouble here. For every thoughtful bite by Homie I could potentially get nineteen spammers or trolls just spewing crap. I'll take the risk. I do still have fangs, after all.)

Bite me. Please.