I'm all packed. (I hate packing. I hate deciding a whole trip's worth of outfits at once. And one day I'm going to get a pendant of a kitchen sink so when somebody inevitably says 'I see you packed everything but the kitchen sink' I can quite honestly say 'Oh no, I have that too'.) Anyway, Balthazar and I are going on a road trip bright and early tomorrow morning with two friends. We'll only be gone until Thursday but the weather has turned gorgeous so it'll be fantastic. Everything is set. The chandelier and drum kit are already packed in the van.

I might have neglected to mention that the reason for the road trip is to stage Balthazar's jazz/theatre show about Chet Baker at a festival up north. So we don't just pack a chandelier and drum kit as a matter of course. Wouldn't that be awesome, though? A little camping atmosphere perhaps? Or to spice up the muzak in the hotel lobby? I had you for a second there, admit it.