f I wr a carefree kid agn, dis w%d B my nxt ^d8.
l%k, I dnt av NEfin agenst yth Xcpt their gramA.
n dey do nd 2 alight my lawn.

Oooh, I found a website that translates 'lingo' (or 'txt') to English and vice versa. So now I too can communicate with today's generation!

I think my brain just made it's escape out my left ear.

Here's the translation for the visual assault above:

If I were a carefree kid again, this would be my next update.
Look, I don't have anything against youth except their grammar.
And they do need to get off my lawn.


God I'm old.

And now the imagined Public Service Announcement!

Do you have a teen? Are you worried that you're out of touch with today's generation? Are you over the age of forty with a recently opened MySpace account? Do you need help deciphering text messages? Go here and let Lingo2Word help you fit in.

**Disclaimer: The Crypt is not affiliated with Lingo2Word or real-life teens nor does The Crypt endorse the wanton butchery of any language. The Crypt warns against the use of any form of communication that, by definition, offers the same 'benefits' as a lobotomy.**