Because I reside in the future I am perpetually a day ahead of North American goings-on. Thus today I am prematurely celebrating Anjelica Huston receiving a, in my opinion, long-overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Congratulations to Anjelica. It's a most deserved honor.

In reality, however, she is receiving her star on Friday, January 22nd at 11.30am North American time. So I'm a day early. Hence why I don't have photographs of the event.

If any of you find yourselves at 6270 Hollywood Blvd (east of Vine) tomorrow at the appointed hour, take a photo and give a cheer for the Crypt's favorite actress. I'll already be deeply ensconced in Saturday by then. And no, I won't tell you the lottery numbers. I can't affect the past. Haven't you seen Back to the Future? Or, you know, listened to any of Picard's stirring speeches on the subjects of the Prime Directive and letting time alone? Seriously, people. I can only alert you to items of great import. I can't mess with the outcome.