In Which I Continue To Marvel At My Procrastination

Perhaps it's best to just call a spade a fucking shovel here. It's not procrastination so much as unadulterated laziness. (Read: laziness that has not committed adultery. Or 'pure' laziness.)

I am in the middle of two continuing story series for friends. One is a Choose Your Own Adventure that I started sometime in the early part of last year and have allowed to languish for about five months while said friend has been patiently requesting that I continue it. It's not that I don't have ideas. I do. It's not that I don't love said friend. I do. I'm just apparently so lazy. The second is a story series for another friend that I started about a decade ago and have re-started and continued in random spurts since then. He is nothing but patient, this friend, as sometimes years have passed without any narrative completion at all.

I am either the world's greatest procrastinator or the world's worst laze-about. Since I would rather be the greatest than the worst, I'm going with procrastinator but it is essentially just a total lack of ability to organize my available time into some form of productive output.

I confess, pretty mortals. I have completion issues. I'm an idea person. I have ideas all the time. I'm fertile with ideas! I love diving into new projects. Oh how I love starting something based on a new idea. It's like the first bite into chocolate ice cream. So cool... so rich... so absolutely amazing. Then about half-way through the ice cream I have to admit I'm a bit tired of the constant sameness of the flavor and by the time I reach the cone I just toss it. I hate cone. This is how I am with projects as well. When it comes to editing and/or completion, it's all cone to me.

I think, were I to suddenly become the New Years Resolution Type, that I'd make 'finishing what I start' one of my resolutions. Or possibly my only resolution. (Let's not get crazy.) So forthwith (and forsooth?) I hereby state that I will finish at least one thing that I have started in the next month. I will eat a cone. (I know, I do, but really it's an analogy that works best if unquestioned.)