In Which I Am Right And Hollywood Will Ignore Me

There is industry talk - again - about bringing Superman to the big screen - again - not as a sequel to Superman Returns (which met with more or less a resounding 'meh' upon release) but as a reboot. A la Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins or JJ Abrams' Star Trek. Indeed, rumor has it that studio bigwigs have secured Nolan to mentor the project, though not direct, and ensure that Superman gets his edgy due. Superman is not Batman, it must be said, and has traditionally always stood for truth, justice, and the American way without the large doses of dark angst and edgy turmoil that make Batman so compelling. That aside, a reboot of Superman in the vein of the recent Trek wouldn't go amiss. I'm hardly a Superman expert so my thoughts on the overall story arc and potential villains are necessarily uninformed and I'll keep them to myself. What I do know is this: it's SuperMAN, not SuperBOY. As a woman watching a legendary superhero fighting for life and liberty onscreen, I can say with assurance that I do not want a pretty boy with a waist smaller than my own playing the Man of Steel. I want a man. A proper man. Not a twenty-something lean and lanky model.

I know the perfect man for the job, too.

George Eads.
42. Man. Actor. Square of jaw. Strong of build.
Not so unknown that he can't hack it onscreen - he's played Nick Stokes on CSI for ten years and done it very well indeed.
On the other hand, not such a known quantity that the role would become 'George Clooney does a poor impersonation of Batman in a suit with nipples' either.

One more time, SuperMAN. Think about it.