Bond. *cough* James Bond.

I've been ill recently so have spent inordinate amounts of time buried under duvets on the couch watching Bond films back to back.

Ten things I've learned from Pierce Brosnan's Bond:

1. Straighten your tie after nearly being garroted.
2. Defy authority but only in a way that ultimately serves Queen and country.
3. I absolutely need a camouflage-shield for my BMW.
4. I need a BMW first.
(What happened to the Aston Martin? I prefer the Aston Martin.)
5. If your phone can't drive your car, you're doing tele-communications wrong.
6. Media moguls are generally up to no good.
7. Cuban genetic reconstruction technology is virtually Trek-like.
8. If you shoot a villain in the head but don't kill him, you'll turn him into an invincible super-villain.
9. Don't trust women.
10. Unless they're foreign spies like you.

Life lessons for the 90s version of the first world double-o agent in all of us.