30 Days of Anjelica


I assume this means actual comedy film and not just role that is somehow comedic by virtue of how weirdly bad the movie is or how certain moments make me laugh even though they are not, in and of themselves, comedy.

Oh shush. You seriously expect me to choose between Eleanor Zissou and Etheline Tenenbaum? Please. The Life Aquatic and The Royal Tenenbaums are masterpieces and for every arch bitchy thing Eleanor is, Etheline's stoic warmth balances it until you see that these two are, in fact, perfectly realized sides of the same coin. I wrote a whole essay on this once. About how Eleanor and Etheline, despite how differently they look and behave at first glance, actually fulfill the same anchoring roles in each film. Don't get me started on it again here. I'm picking both because I love both.

Though I will give you that possibly Eleanor edges Etheline out in the humor department. Except for that "In any case I don't think it's wise to keep an electrical gadget so close to the tub" moment. And the awkward sexual admission at the dig site. Okay, nevermind, they're both hilarious.