(You know, the wording of these does my head in - favorite role in a romance? Favorite role that features her character in a romantic situation? Favorite role in a movie that embodies romantic notions? It's a meme, I know, get over it.)

I'll assume this means 'movie in which her role is romantic in nature' and therefore exclude things like Ice Pirates and Choke from consideration.

I choose the smart and sexy Marcia Fox from Manhattan Murder Mystery. Anjelica is the epitome of tantalizing long-legged wit in this. No wonder both Woody Allen and Alan Alda fall all over themselves drooling through the film. True, Morticia and Gomez Addams have the greatest romance ever but The Addams Family is not a romantic film by nature nor is Morticia simply a romantic interest. Whereas Marcia Fox is introduced solely to befuddle the menfolk and sexily propel the murder investigation forward.