Day 15: A Letter To Actor/Actress

How many fan letters have I actually written in my lifetime? (Applying to Starfleet Academy doesn't count. Technically that was an application, not a fan letter.) I think... one. And it wasn't strictly speaking a fan letter. I wrote a fan review of the resurrected (and short-lived) 'Hunter' TV show and submitted it to whatever network was airing it and in response I got an autographed photo of Stepfanie Kramer. Okay, not to say I wasn't stoked - I so was! Autographed photo of Stepfanie Kramer! None of you know who she is! You're all lame! - but the point is that it was actually a submitted review, not a fan letter. I'll count it, though.

Anyway. Anjelica.

I haven't written her a quote/unquote fan letter and by god even if I had do you really think I'd post it here for all of you mad mortals to gawk at?

Or, you can look at this way. Every single post I write about what a great talent Anjelica Huston has and how lovely I think she is and how much you really ought to see one of her movies or another, etc, is, in effect, a letter about how much I appreciate her and what she does. So you've already been reading it. And it may never end.