Day 16: Favorite Leading Role

(You're tiring me out, meme. You kind of keep asking the same questions. AND I JUST KEEP PICKING THE GRIFTERS. You're forcing me to do something totally radical, meme. Remember that you asked for this.)

This isn't Anjelica. But doesn't it LOOK like her? I think she would have made (would still make) a really quite unbelievably sinister Jadis. No disrespect at all to Tilda Swinton who was by far my favorite part of the recent Narnia movie. All I'm saying is... doesn't this look eerily like Anjelica? Or perhaps isn't this a bizarre photoshop mystery? As far as I'm aware she's never played the White Witch but if she had it would be a leading role and it would be singularly awesome. And since the White Witch is my favorite Narnia character... Look, it's weird is all I'm saying.

You made me do it, meme. Because I can't pick The Grifters for everything. It's like denouncing everything else she's done which is equally brilliant. And yet... The Grifters! I hate you, meme. You're like a Teen Beat questionnaire. You're so pointless and repetitive and yet I... can't... look away... must know... Joe from NKTOB's... favorite... color!