Welcome to The Crypt

I interrupt the still-in-infancy series 'Billy Joel Teaches History' to do a little introduction of sorts.  I am Corinne and this is my Crypt.  If you're new here, you're in for a real treat*.
*No actual treats will be given.

If you're an olde tyme visitor, you'll know the drill by now.  I update fitfully.  I create all content as I go.  And I may yet revive Skotty's favorite* feature, 'Your Weekly Catherine', to properly pay homage to everything Catherine Willows gave us, selflessly, sassily, on CSI.
*'Favorite' used in the sarcastic sense.

But this is about introductions, not nostalgia. 
There are links hidden in the VAMPIRENOMAD and it's time to talk about them.  "Let's talk about links, baby / let's talk about you and me / let's talk about all the good things / and the bad things that may be / let's talk about links..."

V - About Me.  My online business card kind of thing.  I collect websites!
A - VampireNomad.  My other VampireNomad site.  The one on Tumblr.
M - Twitter.  Me.  In 140 characters or less.    
P - Pajiba.  My favorite movie review (and more) site.
I - IMDb.  Because I like movies.  A lot.
R - Wil Wheaton.  He's just this guy, you know?  WHO ROCKS.
E - Hark! A Vagrant.  Kate Beaton teaches history in saucy comic form.
N - stormwarning.  Jeff Nelson takes very pretty pictures, people.  Professional-like ones.
O - Coco Rocha.  Supermodel.  Blogger.  Canadian.  Coco is fabulous.
M - Mark Ryden.  One of his collections is called 'Blood'.  I know, right?
A - Enterprise.  The ambient engine noise of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D.  My lullabye.
D - A mystery link.  It's the circle of life.  A link that leads back to The Crypt.  Infinite linkage!

Thank you for visiting.  Look, I'm not going to lie to you.  If you don't bookmark this page you'll be missing out on everything.  The Crypt teaches, entertains, fills in dull hours at work, occasionally employs the use of shock and awe, sometimes provokes, and some believe that prolonged contact could save your life*.  So go on, become one of my pretty pretty mortal regulars.
*This claim has never been tested and is not based on science or facts.

the VampireNomad