My attention span for this meme is waning. I love Anjelica but I do not love memes, as it turns out. But for the sake of completion I am going to push through the final six days in one epic post.

Starting now.

Day 25: Oscar Nominated Role That Should Have Won An Oscar But Didn't

(If the following answer surprises you in any way, welcome to The Crypt! It's always nice to have newcomers visit.)

Lilly Dillon. The Grifters.

Day 26: Favorite Interview

All interviews with her are thought-provoking and highly entertaining. Like when she said the host's desktop screensaver reminded her of female anatomy. Or when she said she liked playing witches because in reality she's so pathetic. Or the time she was followed around by a reporter for a sort of 'day in the life' piece and was recorded as sighing happily when informed by a friend that her (now late) husband would be getting her rubies for her birthday. Or how somehow it became public knowledge through interviews and articles that she doesn't like wearing bras. Or the time she said drugs are fun and that not admitting as much is what's so stupid about anti-drug campaigns. Etc. She's endlessly quotable. So I can't pick a favorite.

Day 27: Favorite Animated Role (if applicable)

Indeed IMDb informs me that she has featured in not one but five animated features. Three Tinkerbell movies, Kaena: The Prophecy, and Spirit of the Forest. I haven't seen any of them. But based solely on character names alone, I'm going to pick her Tinkerbell role of Queen Clarion as my favorite. Because this is my Crypt and I am the Keeper.

Amended to add: SIX animated features. I neglected to mention her work as Gothel in 'Barbie as Rapunzel' (thank you, Commander). But my favorite name is still Queen Clarion.

Day 28: Film Idea You Would Create For Actor/Actress

I would give just about anything to see Anjelica Huston play a vampire. An icy, bloodthirsty, regal vampire who's sort of half Lilly Dillon and half Viviane from The Mists of Avalon with a dash of Maida from The Ice Pirates and Eva Ernst thrown in for good measure. But undead. And utterly remorseless in her thirst. In some dangerous tale of predatory thrills.

Also there is a character in Jim Thompson's novel The Getaway (forget the film versions for the purpose of this discussion because neither the Steve McQueen original nor the Alec Baldwin remake have ever delved into the true darkness of the novel and properly explored the truly grotesque lengths to which the McCoys had to go in order to get away) called Ma Santis who is the matriarch of a family of accomplished criminals. She is described as being "a rawboned giant of a woman" and "now at age sixty-four, and after more than twenty years in prison, Ma was as completely unreconstructed as she had been at fourteen". I think Anjelica would own and define Ma Santis and I would love to see her bring that particular character to life.

Day 29: First Role of Actor/Actress

According to IMDb her first role ever was in 1966's Casino Royale with an uncredited turn as 'Agent Mimi's hands'. But her first starring role was in her teens in one of her father John Huston's films.

Day 30: Upcoming Role You Are Most Excited For

All of them. Really, I just love watching what she does onscreen. Talent is mesmerizing.

But I admit I'm interested in The Big Year (a comedy about bird-watching) and Live With It (in which I believe she plays Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mother).

And voila!
Thirty days of Anjelica Huston.