What does VampireNomad Palette do?

In a word: makeup.
Palette is Hailey and Corinne. Palette is about putting your best face forward no matter what you want that face to look like.

We are Hailey Sutherland (hair stylist and makeup artist) and Corinne Simpson (makeup artist and body painter) and together we do everything you can imagine MUAs might do: weddings, special nights out, photo shoots, film work, Halloween, and body painting.

What We Believe.

We believe in telling stories through makeup. We believe you’re beautiful just as you are, without makeup, but that it’s just fine to enjoy makeup. We believe there’s beauty in self-expression. We believe makeup is for everyone and anyone. We believe in keeping your face and skin healthy. We believe makeup application should be relaxing and wearing makeup should be fun and empowering. We believe in 100% cruelty free products and as many vegan products as possible. We believe no creature should suffer for our expression.

Why VampireNomad? Why Palette?

VampireNomad is the brainchild of Corinne. She’s a creature of the night who likes to wander so when she first moved to New Zealand VampireNomad seemed to be the perfect description of her journeys. When she founded Palette, that same identity became an embodiment of her interest in horror, fantasy, and makeup other than glamour. And since makeup artists often travel to their clients for application, nomad is pretty applicable.

A palette holds a full spectrum of color and possibility and that’s what we offer: makeup for the full spectrum of human: regardless of race, gender identity, or any other barriers you might feel are between you and self-expression.


We offer a wide variety of services from basic beauty makeup application to creepy Halloween looks. We also offer instructional packages that help you shop for makeup, keep your products clean, and learn to apply your own looks. We’re here to help!

Contact Us

Hailey and Corinne are both available through email at vampirenomadpalette@gmail.com
We’re located in Edmonton, Alberta.